OUR MATERIALs and Craft...

Concept & Design

HAPAS guitars are especially designed for extended range instruments. Other than just starting with a standard 6 string design and adding just another string to that, we designed all our shapes with more strings and longer scales in mind.

The scarf jointed head is a striking HAPAS feature. It allows us to get a head angle of 12°, which is more than usual guitars have. It not only allows more pressure on the nut, which results in a better tonal transmission. It´s also more stable, because of the straight running grain in the head.


Over 95% of our wood, is bought directly. This means no online blind/bulk ordering. We have a very good wood supplier in town and we check and select every single piece before buying.

This is a very time consuming process, but it gives us the total control over the quality of the most important material in your HAPAS guitar. The wood.


If you buy a HAPAS guitar, you can be sure that everything is designed with a special sound in mind. We aim for the perfect metal guitar and want it to be right in every possible detail. Since pickups are the converter from an acoustic to electric „tone“, they have a very important role in the guitar.

By designing and winding our own pickups, we can ensure that our philosophy of tone and quality is secured in this important part of the guitar aswell and makes a perfect match with the instrument.


The Hardware is one of the crucial parts we get from other companys. You will see our guitars with the best Hardware only. We use Hipshot locking tuners on all guitars with a Hipshot fixed bridge or Evertune bridge.

If you get yourself a TURANDOT headless, it will be equipped with all ABM hardware, 100% made in Berlin Germany.

About us

HAPAS Guitars was founded by Robert Sola in 2010 in Berlin Germany. Robert already had some electric guitars in his collection, bult felt like none of them was made, how he would like them to be. The only way to change that, was to order a custom guitar or build one. Well… you guessed it, he built one for himself.

It was an all black, one pickup V which then used to be the first Hapas ever build. The HAPAS Vyrn 625. From then on the idea to build a CNC and use it for future guitar builds developed and he started doing prototypes. More and more guitars were built and people began to order custom instruments. 

From year to year it all began to grow slowly and Robert couldn´t do it all on his own. Searching for help, he ran into Pawel through friends and they started to work together. It went so well, that both decided to restructure the company together in 2015. From there on their passion and knowlegde for guitars grew every day and Hapas got more and more known in the world. While both were happy about having 10 guitar orders back in the days, it´s now over 60!

HAPAS is now a 4 man company run by Robert and Pawel with two employees. It´s based in Germany, Berlin, Wedding and you are always welcome to visit us there.

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