Your Custom Order

Select your desired parts and and mail them at under the subject “Custom order [Your Name]”. We will send you a confirmation within a couple days.

To speed up the order process you can also include your complete international address and phone number.

The down payment for an order is always 500€. Build time is approximately 18 month. Prices include 19% VAT within the EU. Prices for the rest of the world do not include VAT, but include all additional export and payment fees (import fees of your country might apply). Plus shipping costs. Delivery time and shipping cost vary by location.

Changing your specs on an ordered guitar is not guaranteed to be possible. If possible every change costs a fee of 50€. Please keep that in mind, when you spec out your guitar. 

A configurator module for the shop is already in the works. The module will allow you to configure your guitar directly on this page and purchase it like any other product.


All our models can be ordered in a variety of strings and scales please choose from the  chart and don´t forget to add the upcharge for some models.

Sludge, Judge, Magician & Siren

  • 625 | 6 strings 25.5" 1.799 €
  • 627 | 6 strings 27" 1.849 €
  • 628 | 6 strings 28" 1.899 €
  • 6FF | 6 strings 26.5-25.5" 2.049€
  • 727 | 7 strings 27" 1.899 €
  • 728 | 7 strings 28" 1.949 €
  • 7FF | 7 strings 25.5-27" 2.149 €
  • 828 | 8 strings 28" 1.999 €
  • 8FF | 8 strings 28"-26" 2.249 €

Deus +100 € upcharge, Kayzer +150 € upcharge

Turandot Headless

Our headless designs are all equipped with original ABM hardware made in Germany. All Turandots are only available with Hapas Custom pickups, except the 9 string guitar and the 5 string bass, which have EMG pickups.

  • 6FF | 25.5-26.5" 2.199 €
  • 7FF | 25.5-27" 2.299 €
  • 8FF | 26-28" 2.499 €
  • 9FF | 27-29" 2.699 €
  • 5FF | 35-33" Bass 2.499 €



  • Ash 2 pcs. -€

    Two pieces of plain ash

  • Ash 2 figured pcs. 100€

    Two pieces of beautiful selected & figured ash, looks incredible with stain

  • Ash 1 figured pc. 100€

    One massive piece of beautiful ash, for the best resonance

  • Roasted ash 3 straight pcs. 150€

    Three pieces of beautiful roasted ash *

  • Roasted ash 2 straight pcs. 200€

    Two pieces of beautiful roasted ash *

  • Roasted ash 2 selected pcs. 250€

    Two pieces of beautiful selected & figured roasted ash *

  • Mahogany 2p. + Ash Top + Ash Headstock Veneer 400€

    Two pieces of mahagony + selected ash top (1p or 2p)

  • Mahagony 1p + Ash Top + Ash Headstock Veneer 500€

    One massive piece of premium quatersawn and beautiful mahogany + selected ash top (1p or 2p)

  • Black Limba + Ash Top + Ash Headstock Veneer 600€

    Two pieces of beautiful selected black limba + selected ash top (1p or 2p)

* Roasted woods are tonally improved, acting like rare tropical wood, with an environment friendly co2 balance.


For the models SLUDGE, JUDGE, MAGICIAN, DEUS and SIREN you can order a recessed wooden pickguard. Pickguards can be natural or colored, if it´s made of maple. The price is 350€ and possible woods are: Flame Maple, Walnut, Purple Heart, Padauk.


    For the best stability, our upgrade necks are made of five pieces. Containing the main neck wood (three pieces) and two stripes of another wood between them. This enhances the stability of the neck and gives it a sharp look. The neck pieces are all quarter sawn and selected, to provide you with true custom class tonewoods.

    IMPORTANT! Necks for top-less bodys have a scarf jointed ash head. Necks for ash top bodys have an ash veneer on the headstock.

    -maple necks have the whole neck stained matching the body finish or “Trance Black”

    -roasted maple, wenge, padauk necks have just the headstock/veneer stained matching the body finish

    • Maple flat sawn 0€

      1 piece / stained "TranceBlack"

    • Maple & Walnut 150€

      5 pieces / stained "TranceBlack" or matching body finish

    • Wenge & Maple 200€

      5 pieces

    • Padauk & Walnut 200€

      5 pieces

    • Roasted Maple & Walnut 300€

      5 pieces


    Richlite is a very strong material, made of wood. It is harder than wood and absolute immune to changes of humidity and temperature. It is also very solid and feels very smooth. We use it as standard material for all our guitars and think it is  the best material as a fretboard. Because its strength, frets have a perfect fit in it for decades of years. This also provides a perfect tone transmission from the string, to the neck.

    • Richlite 0 €
    • Roasted Maple 100 €
    • Roasted Flamed Maple 170 €


    We wind our pickups ourself in the Hapas workshop in Berlin. Those pickups were designed to fit our guitars perfectly. This way you get the tone provided to the amp in the same way and philosophy we build our guitars. All pickups are wound asymmetrically and with a specially programmed wiring pattern, for the best definition (especially  in the low end).

    One pickup is included. If you wish to have a Set of two humbuckers, add 150€

    Click on the name to learn more about each model.


    • Natural 0€
    • Black Coal 50€
    • Trance Black 100€
    • Pitch Black 100€
    • Redrum 100€
    • Ocean Coal 100€
    • Soilent Green 100€
    • Fenrir Grey 100€
    • Lava Burst 250€
    • Fade to Black +50€

      Any color of your choice with a black fade

    • Scarred Ash +200€

      Only works with selected ash bodys. The grains of the body are brushed by hand with a steel brush, to get a heavy 3D effect. All colors possible to add, but "Pitch Black" works by far the best.

    Other options

    All Hapas guitars are equipped with black Hipshot fixed bridges, Hipshot open gear locking tuners, stainless steel  frets, original Luminlay (glow in the dark) sidedots and MEC electronics. Cavities are all sealed  and shielded with a two layer high quality shielding laqcuer.

    • Coilsplit push/pull 30€
    • Securitylock 30€
    • Golden hardware 100€
    • Gold/black mix hardware 100€
    • Evertune bridge 6/7/8 350/400/500€
    • Gator case 80€

      Guitar case, REQUIRED FOR SHIPPING. Optional if you want to pickup your guitar locally.

    • Brassnut 150€

      100% handmade nut out of one piece of massive brass. Mirror polish finish. Enhances the overtones and tonal abilities of your custom instrument.