Hapas Judge 627 Roasted PRE-ORDER (deposit)

Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions120 × 50 × 20 cm

This is a preorder for the Judge 627 Roasted. Waiting time for this guitar ist 4-6 month (instead of 18 month). The total price of the basic guitar is 2.649€ (not including shipping, case or any additional specs).

The deposit is 500€ (shipping & case will be added to that immediately). You will have to pay the rest, once the guitar is ready to ship. The deposit is included in the total price of 2.649€. For more infos: scroll down!

The deposit is not refundable once payed.




2pc Selected Roasted Ash


5 pcs Roasted Maple/Walnut


Slim Tapered Modern C

Scale Length



Richlite 16“




24 Stainless Steel


Coilsplit included, when ordered with 2 pickups


Hipshot fixed bridge & open gear locking tuners


Pitch Black


Incl. VAT. Depending on your delivery address, VAT may vary at Checkout.
Plus shipping costs. Delivery time varies by location.

Description & Notes

The Judge 627 is the 2nd guitar we introduce to our Custom Series.

It´s specialties are the full roasted wood treatment for the ash body and the 5pcs maple neck.
Due to the process, this guitar is very resonant and lightweight.
If you want a super responsive guitar with rich overtones and a fast attack and also love light guitars on your shoulders, this is the best model for you!

About the Custom Series:
Hapas Custom Series guitars are the exact same quality, like our Custom Shop models. The difference is, that they come pre-configured to a certain design and specs. Therefore, they can be prepared in our wokrhop in Berlin and you have a waiting time of only 4-6 month (instead of 18 for a custom shop model).
You still get to choose the pickups and the finish for your special model and we will give you a custom setup to your very needs.

The price for this model is 2.649€ (it may change with different pickup options. f.e. +150€ for a 2nd pu). 500€ is the deposit for the order and you will have to pay the rest, once it is ready to ship. Shipping and case will be applied directly to the deposit.